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P P @prisckillaa_aw Literally witnessing a middle school shouting match in McDonald’s in Gering, Nebraska #okaythen 6 hours ago
Dri Dri @surbitonroad When you go for drinks with your friend on Friday and find out she’s your new manager on Wednesday lmao #okaythen #thiswillbegoodthough 2 days ago
Ankit Shah Ankit Shah @babarecursive The Music of Fargo is The Fargo of Music @FargoFX #OkayThen #OkayThen #OookayThen 2 days ago
Sally Jo Sorensen Sally Jo Sorensen @sallyjos Moar GOP power #mnleg #mngov #OkayThen https://t.co/nKU0uXM7vT 3 days ago
Margaret Margaret @maggiemaycook Thing to take note of ... The location of the bedroom does not eliminate the anxiety of sleep #awesome #okaythen 3 days ago
Danielle-Taylor Danielle-Taylor @DanielleConti94 I thought my musical taste was limited (2 pop artists and hundreds of orchestral pieces) but all my mom plays in he… https://t.co/kPq6YlW4aq 3 days ago
factsstillmatter factsstillmatter @librariangnwild @HeidiPrzybyla Show me a man who’s abused or harassed a woman and I’ll give him two words: “resign, boo.” Now, tell… https://t.co/5Nc8BoJuxE 3 days ago
Amber Ying Amber Ying @diabola The story is that Moore has such good character, he didn't go into the brothel where there are underage sex workers… https://t.co/j9t9JZmGVf 4 days ago
Sierra Sierra @SierraS442 I told my roommates I've been restricting under 500 for a couple weeks and fasting at least every other day, and th… https://t.co/pb4rYhLq0u 4 days ago
Ryan L. Ryan L. @snowboarderl_12 @KFAN1003 the packer fan on the show who called in. Holy crap man 🤬🤬🤬😂😂 #radio #lol #okaythen #radio 4 days ago
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